The company is run by seasoned rail professionals and supported by a small group of financiers. This enables the company to be able to provide not only industry expertise, but also utilise investment expertise that allows for agile thinking at a time where flexibility is crucial in an industry sector that is beset by change.

Mark Winter, the current managing director of UKRL, founded the company in 2013 with Edward Stevenson when they took a lease on DB Schenker’s long disused depot.  The freehold was ultimately acquired in 2018 after the management team recognised the depot was strategically well-located and in a prime position to take advantage of the growing need for rail vehicle engineering services.

In 2014 a multi-million-pound investment in facilities took place at the Leicester Depot when it took on the overnight maintenance and servicing of the East Midland Railways fleet. The East Midlands Railways Fleet needed a temporary location for overnight maintenance and servicing during the comprehensive remodelling Derby Station and ensuing construction work.  This significantly reduced capacity and access to the adjacent Etches Park Traincare facility for East Midlands Railways for a three-month period. UKRL Leicester was chosen to provide a “pop up” servicing facility to fill the gap. This enabled UKRL to invest in a modern Traincare and CET facility, which is now providing services to Cross Country and other regional operators.

UKRL still has space to expand in Leicester and is further investing in the site, increasing its maintenance, engineering, and overhaul capability.  In addition, UKRL is expanding other commercial and track side services, throughout the UK.